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Summart information of Nguyen Thi Ngoc's thesis, PhD candidate at the IG

THUrsday - 22/05/2014 03:58
Ph.D. Candidate :   Nguyen Thi Ngoc
Thesis Tittle :   Research  of  Solutions  for  Urban  Environmental  Management  in Japan and Application Capabilities in Vietnam
Major:     Geographical and environmental resources  
Code:      62 44 02 19
Supervisors:    Assoc. Prof., Ngo Xuan Binh
                        Dr. Dang Kim Nhung
Training institution:  Institute  of  Geography,  Vietnam  Academy  of  Science  and Technology

1. Protected Argument

Argument  1 :  Expression  is  obvious,  urgent,  most  urgent  about  environmental pollution in large urban in Japan and Vietnam such as air and water pollutions, solid
waste etc strongly impacted to the life, human health and ecological environment.

Argument  2:  From  urban  environmental  management  experience  in  Japan,  urban environmental  management  in  Vietnam  should  implement  an  integrated  solution, synchronous  solutions  include  legal,  policy,  and  economic  solutions  with  the participation of community and soci-economic components to achieve high efficiency in environmental protection.

2. The new Contribution of the Thesis  

- From the experiences of urban environmental management in Japan hva identified th diffirences  and  appropriate  to  the  work  application  in  urban  environmental
management in Vietnam.

- Proposed  solutions  in  urban  environmental  management  in  general  and  Hanoi  in particular achieved efficient and sustainablity.

3. Practial and Scientific Significances

* Scientific  Significances:  Contributing  complete  system  of  state  management solution about Vietnam environment, including urban environmental management.
* Practial  Significances:  The  results  of  the  thesis  will  contribute  to  increase  the capacity  of  urban  environmental  management  in  Vietnam  in  the  period  of
industrialization, modernization and as country education materials about Japan.

4. Further study issues
To continute studying the contents of the  sound material-cycle society deeply and  its positive  and  nagative impacts on   urban  environmental  managerment toward
sustainable  development in  Japan and  the  experience  lessons  that  Vietnam  could  be learnt to resolve effects of the climate change.

Further research is needed in nature disaster management mechanism in Japan. This is the very  important  issure  not  only for Japan but  also  other  countries,  so  the
lessons from Japan can refer to Vietnam.

full version of thesis, click here
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