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Department of Coastal Geography

TUEsday - 24/09/2013 03:20
Head:                        Dr. PHAN THI THANH HANG
Vice head:               
Add.:              Room 403-404, A27 Building, Institute of Geography, VAST
Telephone: +84-4-3 756 8703
Function and Tasks:

1.    Researching, establishing and applying models for technological processes in geographical environment studies.
2.    Researching and predicting the changes of resources and environment in different territories according to different scenarios by modelling.
3.    Transferring technology and putting advanced technologies into practices.
4.    Graduate and post-graduate training on modelling and technology transfer.
5.    Internal and international cooperation on modelling and technology transfer.


Name in full:                       HOA MANH HUNG, Dr.  
Add. 907 Hong Ha, Hoang Kiem, Hanoi
Mobilephone 0912381762
Name in full:                       PHAN THI THANH HANG, Dr.  
Add. Room 403, A27 Building, Institute of Geography, VAST
Telephone +84 4 3 756 8703
Name in full:                       NGUYEN QUANG THANH, BSc.  
Mobilephone +84 (0) 91 344 2008
Name in full:                       TRAN THI NGOC ANH, BSc.  
Add. P314, Kim Lien building, Dong Da, Hanoi
Mobilephone +94 (0) 98 972 6057
Name in full:                       NGO THI THANH NGA, BSc.  
Add. Tam Son. Tu Son, Bach Ninh
Mobilephone +84 (0) 93 647 7880
Name in full:  NGUYEN THI MINH CHAU (Mrs)
Add. Room 404, A27 Building, Institute of Geography, VAST
Mobilephone +84 (0) 12 7814 9430
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