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Department of Environmental Information Studies and Analysis

THUrsday - 26/09/2013 14:15
   Head:                       Dr. NGUYEN THANH HOAN
   Add.:Room 608, A27 Building, Institute of Geography, VAST
Function and Tasks:

1.         Development of methodologies for database establishment and maintenance for environmental research.
2.         Development of models for integrated data analysis in collaboration with other esearch departments of the institute evaluate environmental conditions at a regional or Country-wide scale.
3.         International collaboration in environmental research as well as data exchange.
4.         Capacity building in environmental research, database development and maintenance and environmental assessment for sustainable development.
5.         Management and operation of computer network for data exchange and retrieval


Name in full:                       NGUYEN THANH HOAN, Dr.
    Add.: P3706-V3, Van Phu – Victoria, Ha Dong, Hanoi
   Mobile phone:+84 (0) 918 46 1676
Name in full:                    NGUYEN DINH DUONG, Assoc. Prof. Dr.
   Add. 6A/21 Dolphin Plaza, My Dinh 2, Tu Liem Nam, Hanoi
   Mobile phone:+84 (0)912 929 236
Name in full:                       NGUYEN KIM ANH, MSc.
   Add.: N321, Co Nhue road, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
   Mobile phone: +88 6978 647 230
Name in full:                       LE VAN ANH, MSc.
   Add.:Room 706, Building 3D, RESCO, Pham Van Dong Road, Co Nhue, TuLiem, Hanoi
   Mobile phone: +84 (0) 904 292 343
Name in full:                       HO LE THU, MSc.
   Add.: 27/150 Giang Vo Str., Ba Dinh, Hanoi
   Mobile phone: +84 (0) 912 771 615
 Name in full:                     NGUYEN VAN DUNG, MSc.
   Add.: Hau Ai, Van Canh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi
   Mobile phone: +84 (0) 975 60 34 04
Name in full:                    HOA THUY QUYNH, MSc.
   Add.: 907 Hong Ha road, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
   Mobile phone: +84 (0) 973 223 889
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