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Study on humus content in some soil types generated on basal foundation stone in Dak Lak

SUNday - 06/04/2014 01:47
Soil humus and organic matters play an important role in natural soil fertility and nutrition. The soils which were formed from basalt weathering products in Daklak province, of about 344.977 ha; most of the area of basalt soils have been exploited to grow perennial crops (such as coffee, rubber, pepper, etc.,). In monsoon conditions of plateau, under the action of high temperature and humidity, the soil humus rapidly degraded and eroded significantly. At the same time, the ferralization causes usually acidic and nutrient poor soils. Humus content in the soils is strongly influenced after the long period of industrial monoculture. This study aims to provide specific information about some humus in soils that formed on basalt in Daklak province, contributing rational use of land resources. The findings of this study shown that, organic carbon content in topsoil ranged from 1,10 to 3,73% and significantly reduced in the following horizons. Volume of humus at a depth of 0 - 20cm ranged from 40,90 to 110,55 tons ha-1, at a depth of 0 - 100cm ranged from 103,71 to 332,03 tons ha-1. Ratio C/N is low due to the rapid decomposition of the organic compounds and nitrogen supply availability from humus.

Le The Anh & Nguyen Duc Thanh
7th National Conferences on Geography, Thai Nguyen University, 2013

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