Call for Proposals in the international cooperation between VAST and PAS (Polish Academy of Science)

30/05/2022 11:59
Within the framework of the bilateral cooperation agreement between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), the VAST encourages interested scientists to contact foreign partners to develop proposals for international cooperation tasks at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in the period of 2023-2024.

1.    Time:  from 01/6/2022 to 30/9/2022.
2.    Application (According to Declaration  2230/QĐ-VHL dated 24/10/2017) include:
-    Official request document from the Unit;
-    Project proposal (Phụ lục 1);
-    Registration Form (Phụ lục 3);
-    Cirriculum Vitae of the Leader on Vietnam side (Phụ lục 4) and Partner side;
-    Summary of scientific and technological activities of the unit in charge on the Vietnamese side (Phụ lục 5) and Partner side;
-    Papers certifying cooperation in performing tasks with foreign partners;

Application (include 01 orginial and 09 copies) should be submitted to VAST before October 01, 2022, digital files (file .doc) should be mailed to

Application submitted after October 01, 2022 will not be considered.


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