Division of Environmental Information Study and Analysis

07/11/2023 11:59

1. Human Resources:

Head: Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hoan

Deputy Head: MSc. Ho Le Thu


  1. Dr. Nguyen Kim Anh
  2. Dr. Nguyen Van Dung
  3. MSc. Hoa Thuy Quynh
  4. BSc. Le Duc Hanh
  5. BSc. Dao Quang Dong

Address: Room 608, Building A27, Institute of Geography

2. Functions and Tasks:

  • Basic research, basic investigation, development and application of technology in the field of geoinformatics, earth observation, methods for building environmental and natural resources databases.
  • Research and application of advanced scientific and technological achievements in the field of geography such as: geoinformatics, earth observation, information technology, artificial intelligence (AI), Bigdata, unmanned equipment,... in natural resource management, environmental protection, and natural disaster prevention and mitigation.
  • Providing science and technology services in the fields of: investigation, survey, topographic measurement; Investigate, survey and evaluate natural resources; appraisal, consulting, monitoring and criticism in the fields of natural resource management, environmental protection and other related fields.
  • Manage, operate and exploit assigned equipment to serve the work of building, updating and storing geographic databases.
  • Training and international cooperation in the above fields.

3. Research Capacity:

The Environmental Research and Information Processing Department has extensive experience in the field of using Remote Sensing data to serve monitoring and management of natural resources, environmental monitoring, and natural disaster prevention and mitigation. The room is equipped with many devices capable of processing large data such as: UAV drones; geodetic equipment system; Spectra-radiometer;... specialized software for processing Remote Sensing data such as: PCI, ERDAS IMAGINE, ArcGIS, Atcor, SpacEyes 3D,...

The Department's strengths focus on the following research areas:

  • Process multi-temporal Remote Sensing data series automatically, specifically: Develop algorithms to automatically process and classify multi-temporal Remote Sensing data, combining multi-temporal optical and ultra-high frequency data , automatic cloud removal processing on multi-temporal Remote Sensing data sets;
  • Using multi-time Remote Sensing data to build thematic maps, monitor environmental changes, specifically: Build land cover maps, current status of land and forest use, monitor forest and water surface changes ,....
  • Monitoring environmental incidents using satellite and UAV remote sensing data: Monitoring oil spills, water pollution, environmental incidents and natural disasters.
  • Building an environmental database: Combining Remote Sensing data, GIS and online programming tools to build real-time databases to monitor and monitor natural resources and the environment.

4. Postgraduate training:

- The department have successfully guided 19 PhDs and 22 Masters.

- Since the establishment of the department, there have been 04 researchers of the department trained at the PhD level (including 03 PhDs trained abroad) and 02 officials trained at the Master's level.

5. Outstanding Achievements:

  • From 2018 to 2022, the Department's staff chaired and successfully accepted 04 State-level projects (of which 02 were Nafosted projects), 02 ministerial-level projects, newly opened and are implementing 02 more. Other ministerial-level topics;
  • From 2018 to 2022, the Department's staff published 21 articles in SCIE magazine, of which 11 were the main authors of the Department's staff, many of which were published in peer-reviewed journals. very high IF number (IF>5);
  • From 2018 to 2022, the Department's staff was twice awarded the title "Excellent Labor Collective" at the Academy level by the President of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology;
  • Continuously for many years, the Department has been awarded the title of Outstanding Labor Collective by the Institute of Geography, and many individuals in the department have been awarded the title of "Emulative Soldier", "Certificate of Merit from the Director",...
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