Division of Islands and Sea Geography

07/11/2023 11:59

1. Human Resources:

Head: A/Prof. Dao Dinh Cham

Deputy Head: MSc. Hoang Thai Binh


  1. Dr. Nguyen Quoc Trinh
  2. Dr. Nguyen Tan Duoc
  3. MSc. Dao Thi Thao
  4. BSc. Le Duc Trung
  5. BSc. Dang Thi Hong Nhung

Address: Room 407&408, Building A27, Institute of Geography

2. Functions and Tasks:

  • Basic research on the formation and evolution of geographical processes of seas and islands in the tropical monsoon region to serve the management and rational exploitation of resources - protect the marine environment and prevent and mitigate natural disasters. ears;
  • Investigate and research types of marine resources and environment, hydrodynamic processes, estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics;
  • Research types of natural disasters (floods, inundation, erosion - sedimentation of estuaries, coastlines, saltwater intrusion,...), measures to prevent and mitigate natural disasters in estuaries, seas and coastal areas islands in the context of climate change.
  • Research and application of advanced scientific and technological achievements, modern methods and equipment in the fields of marine geography, marine energy, estuary, sea and island research;
  • Training highly qualified S&T human resources and international cooperation in the field of estuary, sea and island research and other related fields.
  • Participate in appraisal, consulting, monitoring, criticism, providing scientific services, etc. in coastal estuaries, seas and islands; natural disaster prevention and mitigation and related fields;
3. Research Capacity:

- Staffs: 01 A/Prof, 02 Dr., 02 MSc., 02 BSc.

- Research Equipments: Modern research equipment in the field of hydrology and oceanography (AWAC, Signature 1000, Flowquest 500, AEM 123, Riversurveyor M9, ODOM, SS1000, Knudsend, MB2); Trimble R8, R8s satellite navigation system; Multi-parameter river and sea quality measuring devices (AQQ171, YODA, 6820-V2-M, INFINITY-TURBI; High configuration computer + Mike suite software (11, 21, 3D, server, ecolab...)

4. Postgraduates:

  • Currently training 03 postgraduates at PhD level; 01 graduate student preparing to defend at the Academy level; Master's training: 13 MSc, of which 11 MSc have received degrees; 02 students have successfully defended their MSc theses and are waiting to receive their degrees.
  • Currently, there is 01 staff working as PhD student at the Academy; 01 studying MSc in Belgium, 01 studying MSc at domestic training facility

5.  Achievements:

In the period 2018-2023, The Division has led projects of all levels, specifically: 02 State-level projects, 03 Ministry-level projects


On international journals: 25 (of which 18 are SCI-E/Scopus-listed journals)

On national journals: 30

Books: 5

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