Division of Pedo Geography and Soil Resources

18/09/2013 11:59

1. Human Resources:

Head: Dr. Nguyen Manh Ha

Deputy Head: Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy


  1. Dr. Nguyen Van Dung
  2. MSc. Hoang Quoc Nam
  3. MSc. Nguyen Thai Son
  4. MSc. Hoang Thi Huyen Ngoc
  5. MSc. Vu Thi Thu Huong
  6. MSc. Nguyen Cong Long
  7. BSc. Nguyen Duc Toan

Address: Room 701, Building A27, Institute of Geography

2. Functions and Tasks:
  • Basic research on geographical laws of land generation; Processes of land degradation, desertification and land classification.
  • Research and comprehensive investigation of soil ecosystems, soil geomorphology, assessment of soil resources and environment, land assessment, soil geographical zoning, building a scientific basis for territorial planning and solutions for rational use of land, restoration and improvement of land, prevention of land degradation and pollution, and protection of environmental resources
  • Applying modern methods (remote sensing, mapping, GIS, modeling, etc.) in researching and creating specialized maps of land resource ratios, land degradation, land classification, etc. .
  • Applying, deploying and transferring advanced technology appropriate to building models of improving and restoring soil ecosystems, land use models for circular agricultural production and ecological agriculture for territories; Technology for manipulating and preserving soil specimens for conservation areas and nature museums.
  • Consulting, monitoring, appraising, and criticizing projects and programs on territorial planning, land use, and environmental impact assessment of the Government and non-governmental organizations; Providing investigation, survey, monitoring, and soil and sediment sampling services for analysis and research.
  • Participate in scientific human resource training and international cooperation in geography and other related fields.
3. Research Capacity:  

During 30 years of establishment and development, the Department of Soil Geography and Land Resources has implemented many projects. The research staff is inherited between generations with extensive experience in researching land resources and environment; land degradation. The Department has carried out many land degradation research projects at the provincial, regional, and river basin levels. Currently, the Department is expanding research and technology transfer to improve soil fertility, improve and restore soil; Researching soil preservation technology and preparing soil samples. The Department's research strengths are: Investigation and assessment of land resources and environment, land degradation and desertification; Research and apply technologies to improve and restore degraded land; Consulting, monitoring, and appraising projects and programs on territorial planning, land use, and environmental impact assessment; Applying Remote Sensing, Mapping and GIS in research and assessment of land resources; Undergraduate, postgraduate training and international cooperation in the field of soil geography, soil science, and related majors.

4. Postgraduates Training:

- The staff of the Department of Soil Geography and Land Resources has trained 14 PhDs and 20 Masters.

- There are 6 staffs with PhD title, 03 staff are working as PhD students; 05 masters

5. Outstanding Achievements:

Over the past 30 years, the Department of Soil Geography and Land Resources has presided over many national level projects, published many scientific articles and monographs, specifically:

     Led projects (State; Ministry/Sector/Local and equivalent; Grassroots level): Chaired 05 State-level projects; 02 Academy-level topics; 06 selected grassroots and grassroots level topics.

     Scientific publications (International articles; National articles; Scientific reports of international/national conferences; Publishing books (monographs; references; textbooks): 18 scientific articles have been published. in International Journals, including many articles in the SCI list; 18 scientific articles in specialized journals; 11 articles at national and international scientific conferences; 05 monographs.


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